Come è cominciata

It all begun in 1990 when I bought a 1969 Ironhead H-D which I had to take care of personally as there wasn’t any services in the neighborhood specialized in repairing American bikes.

Little by little Bikers with their H-D to repair started to arrive on a daily basis thanks to the excellent results I had obtained – staying to what friends said – and also to my degree’s specialization in mechanics.
Hence by joining together my own abilities and the service requests I decided to set up this business which I’m really proud of.
I specialized in repairing Harley-Davidson but I can also take care of the mythical Indian and other vintage bikes. 
I am capable of giving life to Specials out of original H-D motorizations; restore cylinders and heads’ fins; adjust lathe spindle bearings; repair frames and restore to templates by using the same weldings as in the original model; overhaul transmissions etc.
Another strong point is the complete (or partial) restoration of Harley-Davidson dated back from the 1920s to the 1980s, in full respect of their historicity and uniqueness by following the original documentation which sometimes results to be extremely rare.
Moreover, I can truly satisfy any customization requests being official distributor of many famous and primary aftermarket spare parts brands.
La nostra esperienza

Un'esperienza di quasi 30 anni

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